What happens after we die?
May 15, 2023

#324 - Jeff's NDE After 100+ MPH Motorcycle Accident

#324 - Jeff's NDE After 100+ MPH Motorcycle Accident
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At just 19 years old Jeff Welsh was in a horrific head-on collision when his motorcycle collided with a pick-up truck. As his lifeless body lay on the ground in a heap, his spirit rose up, first standing, then rising beyond. In his heavenly experience he saw many spirit entities, including Jesus Christ. Time was absent. At one point the hand of God reached through a clouded veil and touched his chest. He had telepathic communication with God and it was decided that he needed to go back to his physical body on Earth. In this episode you will hear all the details and what the ER doctor had to say about his injuries. RoundTripDeath.com Donate to the show @ https://www.roundtripdeath.com/support/