What happens after we die?

Round Trip Death

Find answers to mankind's biggest question, "What Happens After We Die?"
Round Trip Death podcast features discussions with people who have actually died, visited the other side, and returned to talk about it. What did they see? What did they experience and learn? How can these insights affect your life moving forward?

Round Trip Death

Recent Episodes

#315 - David Is Run Over By A Train And Has A Beautiful NDE

March 21, 2023

David Ditchfield lives in Cambridge, England. One unfortunate day on the platform his coat became stuck in a train door and he was run over and drug by the speeding train.He experienced a beautiful near death experience tha…

#314 - Dr. Yvonne Kason Pt. #2 - The Plane Crash

March 17, 2023

In Part 2 of Dr. Kason's interview she describes her medi-vac plane crash and much more.She felt a "force of peace" and heard a voice say, "Be still and know that I am God. I am with you now and always."She felt like she wa…

#313 - Dr. Yvonne Kason, MD Describes Her 5 Near Death Experiences. Pt. #1

March 13, 2023

Dr. Yvonne Kason, from Toronto, Canada, has had 5 NDE's and many other spiritual experiences. She had 2 experiences as a child and more as an adult. After surviving a medi-vac plane crash she was able to steer her practice f…

#312 - Anne Bayford (UK) Is Struck By A Van Traveling 40 MPH

March 7, 2023

Anne Bayford has had an amazing 3 near death experiences. Her first was after being struck by a van traveling 40 mph. That NDE included a life review and receiving an overload of information from her guides. In subsequent …

#311 - Jack Is Dead for 4 Minutes and Spends The Time In Hell

March 3, 2023

Jack Gregory (UK) led a very rough life that included abuse and drug addiction. At one point he became so sick that he was rushed to the hospital and died shortly after. His 4 minutes with no heartbeat were spent in hell. …

#310 - Anna is Dead 5 Min 56 Sec. "How Will I Fit Back In My Body?"

Feb. 28, 2023

You will love Anna! She is an honest, authentic woman who says it like it is. While in the hospital with complications from an ectopic pregnancy, Anna's heart stops for nearly 6 minutes! From outside her body she watches t…