What happens after we die?


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One of the best podcasts on the Web

Interesting guests, great interviews, good follow up questions.

Review of Ellen Weir interview

I thought the host did a great job with questioning and brevity of questions to allow for the guest to amplify on her experience. Bravo!

Great podcast

It’s incredible to hear each unique story while also picking up on the common themes. I’m always curious about the guests faith before and after their experience which the host sometimes touches on. Amazing!

Faith Crisis

I remember that I know what I know while I doubt my doubts. In a way I kinda feel like it’s my own crisis, but not in the sense that I will lose my belief and testimony of God. This podcast has opened my mind in ways I cannot express and yet at the same time has confirmed what I believe with Gods Plan of Happiness. It has given me hope, peace and comfort as I think about my future on both sides of the veil. Sometimes it feels that fear mongering happens to a degree in every single religion. That fear mongering even crosses over to society when it comes to accomplishment and the standard of society’s beauty. To know that we will continue to learn, change and earn our place in “Heaven” is so comforting to me. My version of a faith crisis has been easier to handle with this podcast.

Love-Affirming & Healing

A judgment-free zone for profound spiritual experiences! I feel SO validated in my own experiences which makes me feel free and purposeful. These guests share so genuinely their powerful, miraculous NDE stories, but also the beautiful messages of Unconditional Love! I didn’t realize there was such a huge amount of people out there that can understand me which makes me feel less alone in this world. One of the guests shared that if we can feel grateful for our challenges and experiences then we can understand them! This changed me! My mom in her spirit-form saved my life and ever since I, too, do not fear death… I know she’ll come for me again when it’s my time. In the meantime, I’m completely obsessed with this podcast because I have SO many loved ones on The Other Side and it’s nice to hear about what they may have experienced when they crossed over. Thank you, Eric, for creating this podcast!

All episodes are good

Excellent.I listen to this podcast on my walks. I have had a spiritual experience since then i have been researching this subject!

Really impressed thus far

It’s one of the only podcasts I’ve started listening to on the subject while I’m at work, and I find it very illuminating and interesting. My only gripe is some of the stories I wish were longer because I get invested in what happened. Hope we see many more stories!


I love that each story is unique and the way each guest is allowed to tell their story without question or judgement. It’s up to the listener to take what they will from each experience.

I’m glad to find a podcast dedicated to this topic

I have always loved hearing about peoples after human life experiences

Great show!

Eric does a great job letting people tell their stories in a trusting environment. I love that each story is unique and different, but all have some commonalities.

Best Real Near Death Stories - NDE’s!

Love these stories. Learning tons. Can’t wait for the next episode!


I love how inclusive and informative the show is! Definitely worth a listen


Thank you to this podcast for allowing us to share life together in LOVE ♡ 143

Best Near Death Stories

This podcast has the BEST near death stories. Love the interview style. Need more episodes!