What happens after we die?
May 9, 2023

#323 - Robyn Peterson Explains How To Process NDE's

#323 - Robyn Peterson Explains How To Process NDE's
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Robyn Peterson has extensive experience with Near Death Experiences and other spiritual experiences. In this episode she explains ways for experiencers, both old and young, to process their NDE's. We discuss people who want to have an NDE and alternative safe ways to have spiritual experiences. Learn about how these experiences are in harmony with the quantum realm, quantum physics, quantum entanglement, string theory and more. How science and spiritualism interact in harmony with each other. Lastly, we discuss the spiritual awakening that seems to be happening worldwide. AmazingRobyn.com RoundTripDeath.com Donate to the show @ https://www.roundtripdeath.com/support/