What happens after we die?
May 1, 2023

#322 - Elissa Hope Dies In The Dentist Chair

#322 - Elissa Hope Dies In The Dentist Chair
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We are not trying to make people afraid of the dentist, but it is possible to get too much nitric oxide! When Elissa was just 14 years old she received too much from her dentist and her heart stopped right there in the dentist's chair. During CPR she left her body and had a fascinating near death experience. During her NDE she traveled through a long dark, speeding tunnel. Once she reached the light she met her three guardian angels who she describes as having beautiful blond hair, bright blue eyes and porcelain skin. Eventually she met God face to face and was given the choice of staying or going back to her body. After seeing what her own funeral would be like and seeing how upset her mother would be, she chose to go back. In this episode we also hear about Elissa's "Twin Flame" and learn what that means. Her book, Hope From Heaven, can be pre-ordered on Amazon or at Elissahope.com RoundTripDeath.com Donate to the show @ https://www.roundtripdeath.com/support/