What happens after we die?
Feb. 28, 2023

#310 - Anna is Dead 5 Min 56 Sec. "How Will I Fit Back In My Body?"

#310 - Anna is Dead 5 Min 56 Sec.

You will love Anna! She is an honest, authentic woman who says it like it is.

While in the hospital with complications from an ectopic pregnancy, Anna's heart stops for nearly 6 minutes! From outside her body she watches the medical team work on her and prematurely give up.

Hear her story of what she saw and experienced on the other side. AND what it was like painfully going back into her body that she didn't think she could fit in.

Prior to her near death experience, Anna didn't believe in them. Her NDE cured her alcoholism and she has made many positive changes in her life.


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