What happens after we die?
Feb. 7, 2023

#307 - Tina Angeli Sees 9 Entities During Her Near Death Experience

#307 - Tina Angeli Sees 9 Entities During Her Near Death Experience

Tina has always been a spiritual soul, in fact she had a regular angelic visitor daily during her childhood.

As an adult she drowned and had a profound Near Death Experience. During this NDE she had a life review that extended back to previous lifetimes. She experienced being wrapped in loving energy.

More recently she was involved in a car crash and had another NDE in which she saw 9 entities, who she was told were the "Lords of Karma."


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Her explanation of the Lords of Karma follows:

"I learned that these nine beings are space travelers with special technological abilities; they watch over us and help those of us who volunteered to do these difficult tasks here on earth. They are the Nine Lords of Karma; Karma is not a system of punishment and it has nothing to do with “fate.” If we do something negative, it doesn’t mean that something negative has to happen to us to “even it out.” Karma is actually based on actions and thoughts in every single moment.

In the Buddhist philosophy, karma is defined as energy created by willful action, through thoughts, words and deeds. The Lords of Karma work with many different groups at this time. They are helping mankind with the ascending process. Ascension is an opportunity to embrace who we truly are and to move past the identification with the physical body and realign ourselves with the true essence, the Spirit. The Lords of Karma are of one common mind and goal. They spoke with me as I was contemplating whether to stay on the other side or go back in my body to finish my contract on earth."